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James and Jas of Simian Mobile Disco, though quite different in personality, are both modest fellows. In conversation each of them, more than once, puts the success of SMD down to sheer luck – however, this is not really true. Yes, they were in the right place at the right time in some senses, but it takes an awful lot more than that to bring an album as sonically glorious and ambitious as Unpatterns to as broad an audience as they are managing to reach. And as you get deeper into the details of their career to date, it becomes very clear how much tenacity, scholarship, imagination and sheer love for what they do, as well as good fortune, has got them to where they are today.
In April, Simian Mobile Disco trekked out to the Southern California desert, taking with them just two modular synths, two sequencers, and a mixer. Over a period of three days, they jammed and rehearsed in the desert, culminating in a one off sold out show at Pappy & Harriet’s, Pioneertown, allowing 900 fans to witness part of the recording process. Those sessions, taped under the desert sky, became the basis for their brand new album “Whorl”. Now, after completing mixing and mastering, they are pleased to announce that the final studio album will be released through Anti Records (Tom Waits, Kate Bush) on September the 8th.

SMD’s new live system was born out of a desire to challenge themselves – to remove computers altogether, going back to hardware sequencers, and limiting themselves to a suitcase sized rack of modular synth gear each –which both reduces the sound palette but allows much more hands on, real time manipulation – constraining themselves technically, to free themselves up musically.

Future live performances of Whorl are currently being planned, with a full list of tour dates to come – each show will be a live recreation of that recording process, so each time “Whorl” will be slightly different.



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Simian Mobile Disco

Saturday, December 1 · 9:00 PM at Mezzanine