There’s nothing quite like being in the desert. It is an inimitable feeling when the heavy heat of day submits to the piercing cold of night. The setting sun bruises the sky as it strikes the horizon and sinks, stripping the gilding from the sand and exposing the cold faces of the stars. High noon and the witching hour are equally captivating; both are unnerving, both are electrifying. Night condenses and expands and hundreds of unblinking eyes emerge, gaping.

The desert demands transformation. What thrives there is thorned. What survives slinks between shadows. To exist there is to withstand its vastness—an act of defiance. For thousands of years, it has tested us, summoned us to solitude to confront ourselves. Both Tim Foley and Kate Clover heeded this call. Beneath a storm-stained sky thick with anticipation, the former flames found themselves reunited. As lightning scarred the sand, they resolved to sonically sublimate its essence. Exsage emerged from the eye of this storm.

Flames of Durga

Flames Of Durga is a heavy rock n' roll, grunge band formed by LA native twin sisters, Beah and Cecilia Romero, who've wrote songs together since childhood. They went through a near death experience together and knew it was the "wake up call" they needed to start a band. Now they have joined forces with their drummer Nate Million. This power trio has a lot to say and their original music channels that passion with gut wrenching howls and melodies. Their live show includes synchronized head bangs, heavy distortion, layered vocals, loud drums and ripping bass, coupled with sweat and raw emotion.

Flames Of Durga is getting ready for their Spring Tour '17 in support of their new "Blindfolded" EP. FOD is also going back into the studio soon to record new, unreleased songs for their first full length album.

Stay tuned, Flames Of Durga is a force to be reckoned with and not slowing down anytime soon.

The Bomb


The Tissues

The Tissues, a dark and noisey art-punk quartet were formed in late 2015 from the remnants of NE Los Angeles post-punk act Flaamingos. Kristine Nevrose (vocals) and Jerry Narrows (guitar) called on friends Bianca Ayala (bass) and Tara Edwards (drums) to complete the lineup, creating an energetic sound influenced by Pylon, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Stooges, The Make-Up etc.

A four song demo EP released in Jan 2016 creeped onto indie radio playlists and an energetic live sound generated enough interest for the band to land opening slots for Pylon, Alice Bag, Richie Ramone, Dilly Dally, Le Shok, Wedding Present and The Warlocks.

The Tissues debut LP, Veil was recorded with producer Duane Burda, who has worked on stage with Nine Inch Nails, Peter Hook, Smashing Pumpkins and Failure, and was released in early 2018. Although self-released, Veil entered the NACC official national college radio charts, peaking at #18 in August 2018.



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