Matt Mayes of Jupiter Coyote

Matt Mayes of Jupiter Coyote

The origin of "Jupiter Coyote" goes much farther than the success that influenced a generation, and for ONE NIGHT at Eddie's Attic, you will get the whole story. Join us for an intimate musical experience with Matt Mayes, the lead singer of Jupiter Coyote as he takes us on a journey filled with stories from the beginning til now, joined for the first time by John Meyer! John was Matt's roommate in Macon, Georgia and actually came up with the name "Jupiter Coyote," and his appearance makes this a once in a lifetime experience.

Gin's Request

Formed in the musically rich tradition of Statesboro, Georgia, Kyle Haley, Taylor Mullins, and Graham Nix played hundreds of shows, captivating audiences with a mix of down home country style, and progressive acoustic rock. This is the reunion that's been years in the making, requested by friends and family alike, to recapture the magic that makes them so special to watch.

$16.00 - $20.00


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