William Within (Farewell Show)

William Within (Farewell Show)

Originally the solo psych folk project of Alex Simpson, William Within made the transformation to a full band with a sound of its own in 2012. The group released their debut self-titled full length later that year and their follow up EP in May 2015. WW's sound is filled with unusual guitar tunings, whispery vocals, lush orchestration and genre-bending arrangements, often earning them comparisons to Nick Drake, Other Lives, John Martyn, Andrew Bird and Grizzly Bear. "I like to see William Within as Minneapolis's hidden pop gem," writes The 405,"they pray at the altar of dynamics where many shows I go to pummel me with constant sound." WW will celebrate the release of two final songs and seven years of shows with one last show at the Triple Rock on 10/15/17.

Ayvah is a collection of jazz-trained musicians and hip-hop lovers rooted in soul; as they combine all of these influential and eclectic sounds, Ayvah has emerged as a jazz-funk, neo-soul band. Ayvah creates music from a wide base of inspiration, including love, heartbreak, coming of age, sexuality, poetry, nature and more. Minneapolis/Saint Paul based, Ava McFarlane (lead vocals), Sam Rosenstone (keys), Ethan Yeshaya (bass), Joey C. Hays (drums) and Andy Schupp (guitar) bring a strong sense of artistry and collaboration, thus creating a sound that’s intriguing to all music tastes.

Story Night

Story Night is a dreamy, psyched out, soft rock-pop band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Andrew Smith (vocals, guitar, composition), Taylor Christianson (vocals, drums), Patrick Horigan (keyboards), and Henry Ingber (bass) came together gradually over the course of 8 months beginning with the friendship that Andrew and Taylor formed over their nerd-tastic love of magic and improvised storytelling, playing Dungeons and Dragons. The band's recordings were in the midst of being mixed, and Taylor started a train of musicians from McNally Smith joining the group. Before joining forces and forming Story Night, the four musicians have led their own paths through the Minnesota music scene. Andrew has been featured on The Current's Local Show under the name Almitra, has had his music placed in productions on WNYC radio, and played live on Radio K singing in the surf-grunge band, Naptaker. Patrick joined the group in January 2016, bringing the harmonic stylings of the Prince approved local funk band, Pho.

Story Night's sound is not tied to any certain sub-genre of music, but attempts to occupy the vast space under the wide umbrella of pop. A smattering of soft-rock, folk, and psych-rock cluster into a colorful bouquet of songs on the album, while Andrew's soulful vocal stylings blend effortlessly with poignant synth parts and blustering string arrangements. An element of fun permeates the album as well, with clinking beat loops in songs like "Scratch Game" and cinematic sound design in tracks like "Wish You Were Here" and "Seen Your Worth"; painting a visual scene to accompany the music.

The band just released their first album over the internet on April 27th 2016, and are playing shows in the Twin Cities, while searching for an ideal label to team up with.

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