Badass Bands Shoot & Show ft. Twin Temple

TWIN TEMPLE is a Goth-Soul, Satanic Doo-Wop band.

Fronted by newlyweds Alexandra & Zachary James, TWIN TEMPLE dwells within a dark legacy of classic American music: from the funeral jazz & Voodoo of New Orleans, to the haunting sounds of Delta blues murder ballads, to the noir-1920’s big band sounds of smoky Prohibition speakeasies. Their live show features a full 7 piece band, all clad in black: a tight-knit group of Los Angeles musicians and long-time collaborators: Robin Ryder (drums) Aaron Orbit (bass) and Jeffrey Howell (keys), as well as baritone sax and trumpet.

TWIN TEMPLE recently co-produced their debut 6 song EP with acclaimed engineer & producer Kevin Mills (Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Michael Bublé, Prince), and collaborated with Jared Tankel (Budos Band, Charles Bradley) and trumpet player & arranger Todd Simon (Solange Knowles, Kelis, Macy Grey, Janelle Monae), a former member of Daptone Records’ the Dap-Kings, renowned for their work with the late & great Sharon Jones, and skyrocketing to fame with Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. TWIN TEMPLE recorded at their own home studio, Starry Eyes (prev. GRAMMY-award winning producer Dave Cobb’s Studio 1974) and the studio of Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman (Prince & The Revolution) at Henson Studios, Los Angeles. Wendy & Lisa graciously gave the team full use of not only their inspired space, filled with Prince memorabilia, GRAMMYs and rare photographs, but also their lifetime collection of instruments & recording gear--including one of Prince’s famed Telecaster guitars. The resulting EP paints a sonic landscape that injects America's hallowed musical heritage with a surprising blend of gothic romance, Luciferian magick, macabre humor, and brash contemporary topics inspired by the candor of confessional poetry.

Fuzz Rock that makes you dance...

Laying on the floor of his unfinished basement studio in
Beachwood Canyon, Graham Bockmiller realized it was time to go out on his own. The LA-based band Great White Buffalo had run its course, leaving him unsure what would come next. Graham spent the next year holed up inside his studio by himself; contemplating life, writing, collecting nude calendars of Eastern European women suggestively holding large trophy carp, and experimenting with the raw recording skills he had taught himself. Inspired by artists like Queens of the
Stone Age, Foals, and HEALTH, he began exploring new sounds and textures outside of the traditional rock staples of guitar, drums, and bass – testing the limits of his DIY recording chops in search for a more interestng, vibier sound. These songs would later become the beginning of Yacht Punk.

Graham tinkered on demos until a chance meeting with Michael Pozzi (guitar) at Davey Wayne’s on Hollywood Boulevard. Michael was all-in on the project after visiting the studio and hearing where the music was going, and they were soon joined by Graham’s roommate Tricky (drums, no discernible first or last name). They took the demos to producer and indie-rock guru Matt Wignall’s (Cold War Kids, Mando Diao, J. Roddy Walston and the Business) eclectic Tackyland studio in Long Beach. In his converted garage studio (where “Hang Me Out to Dry”
was recorded), Wignall took the music to further and weirder places with his unique production black magic. Afterwards, the band brought the tracks back to LA, where they were finished with mixer/engineer Will Brierre (The Killers “Hot Fuss”).

So here it is. Yacht Punk sounds like Stephen King’s movie Maximum Overdrive took a handful of downers. It has something to do with free-basing weed wax off nice silverware you heated up on an electric stove. It’s drinking daiquiris out of a hollowed-out pineapple at a vampire bar, flying on acid. It’s doing hippie-flips in the desert while eating steak dinner with a roommates’ retired relatives, having a black dumpster cat named Mazzy Star, and destroying another pair of white Converse. No, they don't ride on yachts and they don't play punk.



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