Cancion Franklin

Cancion Franklin

Cancion Franklin is a musician/songwriter who lives and preforms in New York City. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, his musical life began when he first heard the blues as a child. "I heard Howlin' Wolf as a kid and it blew my small mind wide open. I tried to emulate him along with my other heroes throughout the years, which helped me to create my own unique style and sound. What has developed out of this is something that lives between blues, rock and classic country."

Cancion moved to New Jersey back in 2010 at the age of 18 to attend college and be close to the musical epicenter that is New York City. Soon after arriving, he began to pursue his musical dreams and learn the realities of being a working musician. "I took the NJ transit to play dives in North Jersey that aren't there anymore, to whichever drunks happened to be there. Thats how I got my start. I played in bathrooms, train stations, houses, dive bars and barns. Each show became a push towards a higher level of expression."

All of the hard work demanded from years as a gigging musician is now starting to pay off. He fronts the trio “Cancion Franklin and the Family Band”. They play to full houses at ever larger venues throughout the city. They recently released their first EP titled "True as Time Allows”, which has been getting played on over 60 radio stations around the world and charted on both the Roots Music Report and with the Americana Music Association.

Ever moving forward, Cancion and his band are already working on their next EP, slated to be released in the autumn of 2018. Cancion says "I write songs and listen to other bands. I stay active in music as a session musician. I feel grateful to be able to follow my dreams and my goal each day is simply to do something to improve my craft."



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