Knight School: Mongolian Dumplings with Nuka Batsaikhan

Knight School

Knight School is a series of workshops and classes curated by food writer and 86'd Monday host, Ivy Knight. Take a class in subjects ranging from food photography for smart phones, to public speaking, and more for a well rounded adult education.



Knight School Presents: Mongolian Dumplings with Nuka Batsaikhan


Nuka has cooked at the Drake Hotel and Rose & Sons and he's currently on the stoves at Pinky's Ca Phe. He'll be taking a night off to teach us how to make the dumplings of his homeland.

Buyannemekh "Nuka" Batsaikhan will take the class through the making of khuushuur, the beef patties of Mongolia, after which everyone can taste the fried dumplings with a few splashes of the condiment of choice for this particular dish, Maggi sauce.

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