Knight School: Nonna's Tomato Sauce with Ted Corrado

Knight School

Knight School is a series of workshops and classes curated by food writer and 86'd Monday host, Ivy Knight. Take a class in subjects ranging from food photography for smart phones, to public speaking, and more for a well rounded adult education.


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Knight School Presents: Nonna's Tomato Sauce with Ted Corrado


An informal drop-in during the day long sauce making process, stay for 5 minutes or an hour and learn the Corrado family recipe.

Making tomato sauce takes all day if you're doing it right. Here you can see Executive Chef Ted Corrado and the Drake Commissary kitchen crew in action, making Mama Corrado's traditional sauce. Aprons and expert instruction available for those who want to spend some time learning the techniques, or just show up and purchase a jar once the day is done.

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