Paris Window film Screening with performances by Ben Babbitt and DJ Bleak House - FREE!

Paris Window film screening

Please join us at Zebulon for a screening of Amanda Kramer's feature film PARIS WINDOW

Drinks and music start at 7 pm with ambient washes by DJ Bleak House (100% Silk) and a performance by PARIS WINDOW composer Ben Babbitt, featuring Marta Sofia Honer (viola) and Chris Votek (cello)

Set entirely in the apartment of infatuated adult siblings Julian and Sunny, PARIS WINDOW follows the damaging effects of a series of hypnosis informercials on the socially and emotionally stunted pair. With creeping intensity, delusional brother and sister turn on each other as Julian becomes convinced he’s the victim of a conspiracy when Sunny begins dating a man who looks exactly like him.

PARIS WINDOW is a hypnogogic psychological thriller blending the single set claustrophobia of Polanski’s REPULSION with the doppelgänger obsession of Dostoyevsky’s THE DOUBLE and the hallucinatory paranoia of Cronenberg’s VIDEODROME.

Directed by Amanda Kramer, starring Noel David Taylor and Sophie Kargman, co-starring Anna Cordell and Gina Piersanti, scored by Ben Babbitt, shot in Chinatown, Los Angeles.



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