Hoodie Allen

Putting a bit more pop into the pop-rap of folks like Asher Roth and Sam Adams, rapper Hoodie Allen went from Internet favorite to charting artist with the release of his 2012 EP All American. Born Steven Markowitz and raised on Long Island, Hoodie was frat-rap from the beginning, having met producer RJF during an Alpha Epsilon Pi-hosted party at the University of Pennsylvania. The two would release the street albums Bagels & Beats and Making Waves and win MTV's Best Music on Campus Award in 2009, but his big hit came with the 2010 track "You Are Not a Robot," which sampled Marina and the Diamonds' hit "I Am Not a Robot" and landed on his popular mixtape Pep Rally. A headlining tour across the States followed before Hoodie made his official debut with the All American EP in 2012. Released on his own label, the EP debuted at number ten on Billboard's Top Albums and was followed in 2013 by the acoustic EP Americoustic. His debut album, People Keep Talking, arrived a year later, featuring the singles "Movie" and "Dumb for You" along with guest appearances from Ed Sheeran and Alex Wiley. - David Jeffries, AllMusic

Luke Christopher

Myles Parrish

Myles Parrish was born and raised in the Bay Area, CA. He began
making beats while in high school after getting a heavy dose of the
“hyphy” movement that swept through The Bay in the middle 2000’s.
As part of the duo Kalin and Myles, independent self releases “Love
Robbery”, “Go To Work” and others gained worldwide acclaim receiving
over 200,000,000 streams. That success put Myles Parrish on the
musical map as a creative force, combining writing, producing, singing
and performing. After 5 years of non-stop grind, including sold out live
shows all around the world, Kalin and Myles decided to go separate
ways creatively in April of 2016.
After a short break Myles was back in his home studio working on songs
inspired by the “hyphy” movement that had such an impact on his
youth. Songs like “Mobbin”, “2006”, “32 Bars” and “Me My Laptop and a
Mic” allowed Myles to release music while beginning to collaborate with
Bay Area producers Foolish Ways. What was intended to be just one
song turned out to be an entire project. With Foolish Ways in place on
the production / music side along with Myles, it freed him up to write in
a different style. Instead of being in a studio creating music and words
all in the same session, he began focusing more on the words, often
writing at the beach, on a road trip, or in his home studio. The result is
Fueled by the power of positivity, spirituality and chasing dreams,
“Vomac” has influences from E-40 to Ed Sheeran, all wrapped around
themes of everyday life in 2017!
Myles Parrish will take you from the function to the ballroom with his
new music.
“Vomac” the mix-tape will be released everywhere on May 12th and is a
product of Vomac Music, Dublin CA.



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