Yuppicide, Rejuvenate, Dead Serious, No Way


Joe (Long Island), Steve (CT), and Jesse (London, UK) met while attending art school in Brooklyn, NY; John Lynch (Brooklyn) was recruited on drums and in 1988 Yuppicide was formed. They quickly recorded a 9-song demo tape and began playing at CBGB's, Abc-No-Rio, basements, backyards, squats, living rooms; anywhere and everywhere that they were allowed.

In 1989 they recorded a 7" EP with world-famous Don Fury. This was initially released on 'Evac Records', but the band soon forged an alliance with New York's 'Wreck*Age' Records, and the 7" was re-released by them.

Their first full length: "Fear Love" (Wreck-Age) was released in 1990, after which they toured through Europe for 7 weeks building a strong fan base that has stayed with them ever since.

Their second full length: "Shinebox" was released in 1993 (Wreck-Age), and marked a stylistic progression, aided by the addition of drummer Pete Guinan.

By their third full length release: "Dead Man Walking" (Wreck-Age), Yuppicide had carved out a niche all their own, with songs that had elements of punk, and the power of hardcore, but a style that was solely Yuppicide!

Yuppicide's songs have consistently dealt with issues of: questioning authority, censorship, and problematic relationships. With lyrics that encompasses various characters (assassins to anorexic teenage girls), and a musical style that combines Punk, Hardcore, Oi and metal; Yuppicide has rarely walked the common NYHC path.

In early 2010, work began on a 'complete discography', seeing how Yuppicide's material was long out of print. This coincided with the offer to play the 2010 'Black and Blue Bowl' in Manhattan, recruiting NYHC drum legend Gringo Starr (Jason Rogan) on drums. The band looks forward to rehearsing, releasing their 2-CD discograhpy and terrorizing stages both in the US and beyond in support of the discography's release. They hope to reconnect with fans who stayed loyal through the years, and create new converts to the singular sound/experience that is Yuppicide.


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