On August 30, 2016 SLENDER released their first single and music video off of their debut album “Revival.” The official album launch took place at Montreal’s own Petit Campus on September 28, 2016.

SLENDER is a rock band based in Montreal, Canada. Their energetic live performance raised eyebrows over the course of the last year. With a large rock sound, their live show lights up the room within the first few chords.

All five members combined, with over 25 years of music experience, their accomplishments include over 300 live shows, television performances, two recording contracts, 10 albums, national tours, large festival performances and contest wins.

Their songwriting is centered around good melodies and meaningful lyrics. Over the course of 20 years, with a 10 year hiatus to raise a family, front-man and singer/songwriter Frank Valiante matured into a lyricist and artist. In the weeks following the initial demo sessions, the search was on for a group of band members to join in Frank’s vision. He focused on finding people who shared his ambitions, checked their egos at the door and believed that no one man is bigger than the band. In SLENDER, each member brings a wealth of experience and amplifies the unique soul that resides in this band. It registers in their songwriting and pierces the audience during live performances.

Grand Splendid

Rock band Grand Splendid hail from Montreal and are excited to be on the local indie scene. Their upfront electric guitar sounds and soothing vocal melodies are attracting the attention of indie music lovers.

They recently released their first EP Numbers, which was engineered by Maxime Audet-Halde (Doba Caracol) and mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, The Stills, Sam Roberts). In the studio, the band's musical exploration went beyond their guitar-driven sound, adding new textures with vintage keyboards, a pump organ and layered vocal harmonies.

Their singles, Hopeless and Energy, have aired on several indie radio stations across North America, Europe and Asia.

They also received support from UK rockers The Joy Formidable, who selected Grand Splendid as the featured artist on one of their sporadic podcasts.

The buzz around the release of Grand Splendid's first EP landed them invitations to play at the NXNE and Canadian Music Week festivals in Toronto. They will continue presenting Numbers throughout the year with shows in Quebec and Ontario.

“Their songs are instantly enjoyable and rather infectious. We are dealing with upbeat and catchy rock that will sit in your head for a very happy chunk of time.” - The Indie Blender

"They certainly have their signature sound down to the finest detail and each and every moment on the EP is sheer musical bliss. This is pure music, made by those who have a clear passion for their craft." - We Close Tonight

"Not only is their music so impossibly catchy and upbeat, but their ability to compose strong, unique pieces shows promise that they won’t be a one-trick-pony in any future musical endeavors. Numbers is a huge success artistically. With talent like this, Grand Splendid won’t be going away any time soon."
Rating: 8/10 - Bucketlist Music Reviews

"They play very nice melodic soft rock." - Radio Cannon / Montreal Indie & DIY Music Podcast

"Grand Splendid has melodic charm galore atop simmering alt-rock intensity. The five songs on the debut EP ‘Numbers’ are vaguely reminiscent of some iconic alt-rock predescessors’ early works, such as Pavement’s Crooked Rain.., REM’s Murmur, Radiohead’s The Bends, and even Coldplay’s Parachutes, which speaks to the band’s graduated musical awareness and sensibility for only their first album release." - Rokline Magazine

"Sounding a bit like Teenage Fanclub, the band displayed some smooth harmonies and hooks during their set, which had a heavy dose of poppy, happy guitar rock." - Panic Manual

"Montreal’s Grand Splendid make multi-textural guitar pop that transcends eras, mounted on an anthemic scale yet without the self-aggrandizing bombast. " - The Delete Bin

"“Hopeless” charmed me instantly, and I was not surprised to find out it’s the EP’s focus track. The straight-up rock swagger of “How Do You Feel Now?” is breezy without being flimsy and throwaway, and is a solid anchor as the penultimate of the EP’s five songs. On my initial listen to Numbers, I found myself disappointed that it was over as soon as it was, but maybe that’s Grand Splendid’s plan: leave the listener wanting more. If so, then congrats, boys, you’ve succeeded in spades." - Quick Before it Melts

"The record fills a quota for pleasant, upbeat guitar-driven music akin to something like early Strokes with a dash of Interpol" - Music Notes Blog

"The EP is a rather gentle affair with a lot of the songs reminding me of late era Brit-Pop, for example the late Feeder songs, Blur's late 90's tunes and early Post-Punk/Revival bands, which is not a bad little niche to be in! Brilliant new EP from the Montreal band." - It's All Indie

"Check out Grand Splendid...their EP is melodic, as warm and as comforting as a pillow. We need something to get through this winter, this could be it!"- New Music Ten

"The band is great at what they do, and each song will keep you listening. Rating: 4/5" -Canadian Beats

"Really lovely Montreal band. It's absolutely soothing and pleasant." - Indie-licious - 93.3 CFMU / Music Between Friends

“Straight from Montreal to your heart. Uplifting songs in a soft rock style.” - New Driven Radio

"New Must Listen: Listening to Numbers, Grand Splendid’s new EP, makes me feel somehow nostalgic. It’s a longing for the past. For fans of Galaxie 500 and Luna. On repeat." - Ouvido Afinado

Reno McCarthy

I’m Reno McCarthy, I was born in Cambridge UK in 1995 and I play music.
I like to make people smile and dance.

People and Space

Montreal based Pop-Rock/ Alternative band

Taywood is a folk/indie rock band based in Montreal. "Everything in Between" was released in May 2017 and available on iTunes and Spotify etc...

Born of a shared passion for music, storytelling and doing what you love, Taywood has been making a name for themselves in the Montreal indie and folk-rock scene since 2015. Wearing the influences of Warren Zevon, The Band, and Jackson Brown on their sleeve, Taywood straddles the line between folk and rock; articulating elements of both genres in their live performances.

Taywood is currently working on their first full length album; set to be released in May of 2017. The band released their debut EP, What Happens Now in 2016.

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