Names Halloween Spectacular

Names Halloween Spectacular

When the dust settles after the highly visual and cinematic live performance, the beat driven, feedback infused rock music lives on. With NAMES at the helm, the massive guitar solos, harmonized vocal arrangements, and tribal instrumentation takes lines that are often blurred but seldom crossed, and twists them into an electronic and mind altering frenzy.

Josh Miller
Andrew Labens
Mitch Bennett
Steve Gaudio

Van Gordon Martin

At the young age of seven, Van Gordon Martin started his musical journey.

Growing up in Chicago, his first job was polishing and stringing guitars in local music shop the Musicians Network. Van was discovered early on, and mentored by legendary Parliament Funkadelic and Talking Heads keyboardist, Bernie Worrell. This set the tone for his new musical existence.

Van Gordon Martin has been a veteran of the east coast music scene for over a decade, and is a part of Boston based Reggae collective Dub Apocalypse, Moroccan/Jazz/ Electronic group Club D’elf, Hip Hop Legend Big Daddy Kane’s Live band, Paul Wolstencroft of Slightly Stoopid’s Organically Good Trio, The Naya Rockers, and many others. He is also founding member of Spiritual Rez, a project witch he toured with extensively up until 2011.

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