Possibilities Trio

Possibilities Trio

Possibilities is a trio that developed out of the close kinship of three musicians, Tim Bennett, Peter Manheim, and Dan Stein. After meeting as 18 year olds in 2007, they became integral in each other's musical and personal development. They sought wisdom from the older generation of jazz musicians, but also learned from each other, personalizing and implementing the knowledge passed down to them from their mentors in rehearsals and performances. Possibilities soon developed their own musical language, and after a few years of playing realized that there was something unique and passionate that occurred every time they performed. Years later, after individually pursuing professional careers in music, they found that although they were playing with notable musicians in many different contexts, nothing felt quite like the music they made as a trio. Possibilities started performing again and recorded their debut full length album, "Get 'Em", which is due out in April 2017. With an effortless approach to group improvisation, every performance is completely different than the last, and always results in an intensely soulful dialogue between the musicians and the audience.



GA Seated || Please note, there is a two drink minimum in the room.

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