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Grammar is an up and coming hip hop artist from Northern Virginia where he was born and raised. Music has been an integral part of his life since early childhood. By the age of 18 he was already a key member in the local rap group Crown Diamonds. The group quickly began to make a name for themselves by preforming at a variety of venues. As they made their way from the small bars of Virginia to the night clubs of Washington DC, the groups buzz continued to grow. After a year of performances throughout the region the group hit a major road block when Grammar was arrested and charged, with the charges stemming from an arrest that took place in 2010, for possession of a firearm and drug distribution. From there, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison with 7 years of the sentence suspended. The sentence was handed down in July 2011, and Grammar vowed to use his time behind bars wisely. He spent his remaining incarceration honing his craft and working diligently to become the unique artist he is today.

Released from prison in December 2013, Grammar immediately went to work, heating up the streets and clubs alike with his prolific output. His attack has been nonstop and the same can be said for his tremendous work ethic. The first track he uploaded to Soundcloud was entitled " Ol Thang Back" and offered a unique take on the OutKast classic " 2 Dope Boyz In A Cadillac". The song served as his public announcement that he was home, and ready to work. He quickly grabbed the attention of local listeners and in no time at all, was back on the main stage where he belongs. Not only was he doing shows, the venues began to grow larger and larger.

Grammar has opened for a variety of big name acts including The Underachievers, and The Game at Echo Stage. Grammar and his local collective Braddock Road started to release their own music videos, as well as his own solo videos.

Rise Up, Private School, and Low Life's have all garnered their fair share of attention for the group, while Grammar's Pluck Status and Don't OD are heavily buzzing upon the release of his first solo project " Bass In The Subs Vol. 1."

Grammars approach is complete and soulful, and many enjoy watching him as his star continues to rise. He brings a unique approach to the world of rap and his music is a true testament to the fact that people are able to make positive changes in their life, do what they are meant to do, and break through social barriers using only a microphone and words spoken from the heart.

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