Reisender began when producer & songwriter Paul Conroy bought a neglected mandolin for 40 euros from a Flea Market in Stuttgart, Germany. The first few songs were written under bridges and on street corners of 20 different cities in Europe. From its origin as "Strassenmusik" (street music) Reisender embodies the spirit of the traveler, who embraces change and transience, especially in the face of adversity and hardship. In 2016, Reisender partnered with The Canvas Group to mix and master "New Year" and went on to perform Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, and Hotel Cafe in Hollywood in support of the album.

Reisender's music features an eclectic mix of 80s-reminiscent synths and drums, grooving mandolin riffs, cement bucket drum samples, and unadulterated indie pop hooks. The result is a sound comparable to groups such as Two Door Cinema Club, Tame Impala, Washed Out, and Miike Snow. Conroy's greatest personal influences are Paul Simon, Damon Albarn, Pixies, and Paul McCartney.

Reisender has also collaborated with local bay area artists such as Travis Hayes, Owl Paws, and Debbie Neigher by producing remixes of their works.


Born in San Francisco, Rebecca Mimiaga studied music at The NewSchool for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. The Summer before, she took an internship at a Chelsea recording studio and moved into a small room in the East Village. With few friends and only a handful of music venues she was allowed in, Rebecca around over Manhattan and wrote lyrics. Building a diary in songs, she explored emotions with two voices: one introspective/acoustic; one electric/outward-looking. She continued to perform both styles in an ever-widening range of NYC bars and coffeehouses.

In 2014, she teamed up with orchestrator, producer Maxim Moston to record Words in the Dark – a highly-personal work for voice, piano and orchestral instruments. In the same year, she built a rock band under the guise, LOUIZA. In 2015, she left NYC for Oakland and, within a year, began recording Party Trick at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. The album introduced LOUIZA with aggressive, minimalist songs with a pop sensibility. Currently, Rebecca is writing her second LOUIZA album while under the influence of West African music.

Spencer Owen Timeshare

Spencer Owen Timeshare is the current manner by which the songs of Oakland's Spencer Owen are being presented to the world. Since before the new millennium began, Owen has been writing and arranging songs by himself, experimenting collaboratively, and recording material in various, increasingly high-fidelity circumstances. Owen's songs are, as a body, an attempt to meld tuneful headiness with stately, minimal fervor and soulful, falsetto-dappled hubris (in a manner inspired by Prince, They Might Be Giants, Stereolab and countless others). Previously, he would play all of the basic rock instruments on his albums, but not as well as the members of his band play theirs respectively. For this reason, Spencer Owen Timeshare is currently recording their debut album, to feature the as-yet-ultimate renditions of some of the finest selections from his songbook.

Alycia Lang

If you’re a fan of indie rock in the bay area, chances are you’ve heard and appreciated the vocal contributions of Alycia Lang without even realizing it. Whether providing lush vocals and instrumentation in Bay Area favorite, Waterstrider, or sneaking in vocal cameos in any number of other bay area bands, she’s been lending her talents to projects since 2013 when when she re-emerged from a 3-year hiatus and landed in the vibrant music and art scene in Oakland.

After years singing classical music with the San Francisco Conservatory Of Music in her youth, her early recordings earned her praise from several notable producers and artists (including iconic singer-songwriter Donovan), which lead to the creation of her debut album in 2006 in the UK. In the years that followed, Alycia found herself writing original material for the first time and collaborating with Grammy Award winning producers, writers, and engineers to create two EPs of original music which were released in 2008 and 2011.

In part, due to her eclectic musical career, Alycia’s music now lands at the unlikely intersection of alternative folk, pop, jazz and indie rock, a combination which has earned her comparisons to artists like Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones and Justin Vernon. Driven by soaring vocals, yet centered around mindfully crafted lyrics, her music creates a synergy that is strikingly emotive, insidiously catchy and achingly poignant.

In 2011, in a dramatic departure from her musical past, Alycia wiped the slate clean by taking almost all of her music offline and going on a 3 year hiatus to focus on her visual art. Now, in a return to her musical roots, where the human voice and the words it carries reign, she plans to present new recorded material in late 2016/early 2017 that will surely have the influence of her eclectic musical past woven in its threads.

You can find her this fall performing as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with Trails and Ways on their North American Tour.

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