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New Rock City is a NY based rock band completely inspired by the great CBGB's era and influenced by The Ramones, Blondie, The Clash, Pretenders, Talking Heads and Bowie. It all started when Rossano and Kick met IN NY taking the same cab after a concert at Jones Beach. Both soon started collaborating on a compilation of songs that would put together their first record 'New Rock City'. Narrated from their most creative and visionary point of view, the two of them travel along a far away land in search of their dreams bringing with them only their deepest and dearest wishes to try to make them true. During that experience they encounter their favorite artists turned into characters that will help them get to New Rock City, ""the place where you get to when you follow your heart"". That's what this album stands for, freedom, rebellion, courage and love. This collection of songs, converted to a series of stories, slam from rock n roll to blues to punk. They masterfully tackle their sound with some other styles such as twist in the love song ""Oh Baby, Baby"", doo wop in ""Play"", surf rock riffs in ""Come Join My Way"" being ""Saving Rock n Roll"" the last stop, the anthem of this experience completely inspired by the great CBGB's band The Ramones.

Later on, they enlisted friends Jem Warren as their bass player and Tim Kuhl as the drummer of the band. They have blues roots, punk roots, they have rock and roll roots, they play loud… Their timeless music is euphoric, their catchy lyrics will play on repeat in your head and the electric, crispy and raw guitars combined with the sensual and powerful vocals will grab you at your emotions and the infectious beat will make you sway your hips back and forth.

this first work just scratches the surface of the band's capabilities. Their concept, unique stage image and aesthetic, the electric and raw guitar riffs, the powerful vocals and that fresh and fun sound is making this band more and more popular. The band is currently working on their second album which will be out in 2017.


The creators of Lulu Lewis are Dylan Hundley and Pablo Martin. They bring forth a multilayered approach to their music and visual art. Post punk, soul, psychedelia, garage and experimental film are the most easily identifiable markers as to their overall style and sound.

Pablo Martin, from Buenos Aires, Argentina (multi instrumentalist, songwriting) is the producer of the music as well and plays guitar live. His numerous credits include lead guitar of the Tom Tom Club and the recently critically acclaimed funk outfit The Du-Rites. Dylan Hundley is from New York (lead vocals, songwriting), is the producer / director of the visuals and has an extensive background in film and production as an actress and producer.

They are backed live by William Harvey on bass (Urban Verbs, Danger Painters) and Jay Mumford on drums (J-Zone, The Du-Rites). Noteworthy guest musicians have included Bruce Martin (Tom Tom Club), Hamish Kilgour (The Clean) and Jay Dee Daugherty (Patti Smith Group).

In the past 6 months they have been featured in numerous zines, blogs, podcasts and radio including Please Kill Me, Spill, Impose, Velvet Sheep,The Devil has the Best Tuna, YabYum, Atwood Magazine, The Deli,Vanishing Ink, Vinyl Distict, WPKN with Chris Frantz, Bushwick Garage, Radio Free Brooklyn and Little Steven’s Underground Garage.

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