The Babe Rainbow

The Babe Rainbow


Josh Netsky is the singer and principal songwriter of the Brooklyn/Rochester based band Maybird. Along with Sam Snyder, Kurt Johnson and Josh’s brother Adam Netsky the band self-released their debut record, Down and Under, in 2013. The ambitious, independent record caught the ear of producer Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells) who approached the band to sign to his Columbia Records imprint, 30th Century Records. In April of 2016 Maybird released Turning Into Water, an EP that fuses expensive psychedelia with evocative roots rock accents. NPR debuted the video for the song “Looking Back” stating, “It’s a poignant, profoundly emotional ode to childhood, fleeting youth and chasing dreams.” In the Summer of 2016 the band spent time in Nashville, TN working with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys at his home recording studio. The new set of songs is set to be released in June and the band will spend the rest of the year on the road.

Having completed a mammoth release schedule that saw the issue of a single a month in 2016, the Orange Kyte have experienced a psychotropic ascendancy over the last twelve months, appearing at Levitation Vancouver and opening for the likes of Ultimate Painting and Cosmonauts. After relocating from Dublin to Vancouver, Stevie Moonboots took a one-time solo project a step further, teaming up with Robin Schroffel (Strange Things, Fashionism), Dave Mulvaney (Cheap Freaks), Mat Durie (Summering) and Matty Reed (The Prettys) to forge a shapeshifting tour de force.
The four-headed, eight-legged Orange Kyte arrives possessing an acute ear for honing hallucinogenically haloed hooks. Together they creatively draw and blend a chemical sonic fusion from a myriad of reference points that step through the yesterdays of pop and beyond, to craft a full-on immersive psychoramic sound that fizzes, fuzzes and fragments within shimmering pools of vividly colourful mind-expanding kaleidoscopia.

Hearty Har is a psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2012. The band consists of old friends Shane Fogerty (guitar/vocals), Tyler Fogerty (guitar/vocals), and Will Van Santen (drums/vocals). More recently, the band was joined by Marcus Högsta (bass) and Jesse Wilson (keys).Hearty Har has come to be known for their exciting and raucous live shows, which blend modern psychedelia with classic garage rock and roll. Imagine a neon lightning bolt extending from the stage and reaching deep into your heart, down to your feet, then through the ground to the Earth's core. Now you have an idea of Hearty Har's live show.

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