Subdistrick & Amalgamation Present:


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Subdistrick and Amalgamation join forces for a summer sizzler stacked with seasoned locals and North London's rude boy - FIXATE! Making his *DC/US DEBUT* expect an eclectic mix of Drum n Bass, Juke/Footwork, Hip-Hop, and all around good vibez.

Ask anyone who knows anything about half-time drum & bass and they’ll tell you North London’s FIXATE is on fire right now. A quick look at his catalogue will tell you the same. Highlights include recent work with dBridge on the once secret mass collab project, Richie Brains.

FIXATE's love for hip-hop, grime and dubstep led him to his unique perspective on D&B/Bass music today. Expect mad future-thinking with a brilliant balance of precision and experimental wonkiness. Get ready for some future dance hall space bass bizzle!


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