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Darling Din is the reunion of three long-lost siblings, descendants of a sacred family of snake bones and mercenarios, noble caretakers of prophetic reverberations, moon-drenched incantations and apocalyptic tritones. Theirs is a perennial duty to tend the bitter, ambrosial herbs of truth, distill the calmest waters from the savage tempest, arrange enlightenment like bedside flowers, to find joy in the stillness of a single note and wreak havoc in the embrace of the jaws of lioness loudness. They are blessed comrades, solemn creators and facetious destroyers, bearers of the infinite merceria, they are Jonathon, Lisa and Sharon, rock band.

New album, Batty Fang, released August 2017.

Blac Rabbit

Blac Rabbit is a psychedelic rock band created by Amiri and Rahiem Taylor.

Caballers caballing in a cabal.



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