Scotty Karate

Legendary one-man band and musical enigma Scotty Karate has soaked up Michigan's blues, New York's gritty punk, Wyoming's country cries and plenty of the Southgate House's bourbon. He's a one-man rock 'n roll adrenalin kick, like the unholy crybaby of Hasil Adkins, Bob Log III and Scott H. Biram.

Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartache...A voice for the everyday working man, Cash O'Riley writes and sings songs about Hard Livin', Tough Lovin' and the temptations of Good and Evil. A sound that travels beyond genre, Cash's style of Roots music is a blend of Rock & Roll, Blues, Folk, Punk, Country, Bluegrass and sometimes a little Jazz and Funk. His style is all his own; depending more on the quality of music rather than writing a hit or having the stranger gimmick. Cash O'Riley is a true American Roots Music Outlaw that brings the Redemption of Real Music to every listener.

2016 Ameripolitan Music Awards Nominee for Best Outlaw Male



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