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The Building is brothers Anthony and Angelo LaMarca from Youngstown, Ohio. They released their first album ‘The Swooshy Businessman’ in 2012. The songs dealt with the brothers’ search for positive male influence in their life. Someone who hadn’t lied, cheated, given up, left, walked away…

In May 2015 Angelo and Anthony started recording a new album called ‘Reconciliation’ with Gary Rhamy at Peppermint Recording Studio in Youngstown, a place made famous by their multiple Grammy-award winning Polka recordings. Some of the songs they were working on examined some of the choices their dad made in his life while dealing with an MS diagnosis in his late twenties. Questioning how people deal with tragedy, whether they know it is coming or not. A few months later Anthony found out he had Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer), throwing him into the same situation he had been writing about. They finished the record by the end of the year, half recorded before knowing what was wrong and half after, with the health news obviously influencing the songs. It can be an intense listen; dealing with confusion, fear, not knowing what’s coming or how it will work out, death… Their goal though was not to provide more problems, but to find peace in the situation, to try and navigate this all with consideration and patience. The goal is to get rid of all fear, especially of inevitable situations.


Anthony LaMarca currently plays in The War On Drugs, sometimes with Dean & Britta, and previously with St. Vincent. He has a perfect wife named Megan and also a wonderful German Shepherd named Petra. His favorite grocery store is Giant Eagle.

Angelo LaMarca currently teaches art at two different Youngstown schools. His paintings are featured on the ‘Reconciliation’ packaging. He and his wife Andra have a daughter who is full of light and loves to point at things. Angelo is a big advocate for early 21st century Dodge Caravans.

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