Super Cassette, Vesper Sails, Future Myth

Super Cassette

Aggressively pleasant melodic indie rock from Berkeley California. Pop forms and melodies give way to distorted hypnotic guitar-grooves and electronic noise flourishes. .

Vesper Sails

Imagine if Thom Yorke and St. Vincent played a show with This Town Needs Guns, except Danny Carey was subbing on drums,
Joni Mitchell sang guest vocal, and you’re traveling underwater, like a manatee. Vesper Sails approaches the sound of this eclectic lineup. Ever since their inception in the forests of Santa Cruz, California, Vesper Sails has been blending delicate dynamics
with odd-time insanity, heavy riffs with pop sensibility, and jazz with rock experiments. Vesper Sails explodes into life via stars, nature, nurture, oceans, delay, and arpeggio pedals. We live on a peninsula and write about the water. We are inspired by things
that are bigger than us.

Future Myth

Making their way into the Bay Area's indie rock scene, the four-piece San Jose natives, Future Myth, offer nostalgia-charged tunes that balance somber moments of longing with vibrant flashes of self-reflection. Released earlier this year in January, the band's debut EP, Flashbulb Memories, showcases their versatility both sonically and lyrically. Obscure Sound describes the group as “highly capable crafters of melodic jangle-rock, with evident comparisons to the guitar-driven tranquility of Real Estate.” With their distinctive, catchy melodies in addition to healthy doses of vocal harmonies and shimmering effects, Future Myth set out to produce an experience that's familiar, yet fresh and invigorating.



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