Namarah is a Philadelphia-born musician exploring the connections of social exchange through performance art. She is a singer-songwriter and gamer enthusiast who enjoys spontaneity and adventure. Namarah as always attempted to include commentary on the internal and external worlds of thought. Her song "I.D.C." examines female autonomy within the construct of patriarchal systems still prominent in music, business, and politics. Enjoying the challenge of redefining these systems, Namarah works to create spaces where individuals can create monumental change. Her belief is that through conversation, innovation and unique partnerships society can and will impact. Namarah's myriad experiences in the arts, social justice, health and communications have culminated in a holistic approach to addressing societal symptoms. Her most recent song “**Untitled” goes further into her dissection of American narratives by critiquing police brutality, racial erasure and the feelings tied to those concepts.

Namarah infuses Funk, Hip Hop and Poetry with anything else that suits her needs to create her messages. Currently, she is focusing on the production and release of her debut full length album. Namarah utilizes instinct and intellect to produce a musical brew of rhythms and tunes that take you on a transformational journey. She is an activist and community change-maker, believing that anyone can impact the world if they are willing to make unique partnerships to reimagine the world through music, the arts and any other medium - in Namarah’s world, it’s about the human connections we form that make life worth living.

Isaiah Raps and The Miserable Genius with the Sunshine Group

Isaiah Raps:

The Miserable Genius:

The Sunshine Group:

American grindcore/thrash band from St.Augustine, FL.

Current members are:
Justin Abare (Vox / Bass / Theramin / Turntable)
Ian Covelli (Guitar / Vox / Drum Sequencing)
Will Butler (2nd Bass / Noise / Vox)
(Current Line up - as of November 2011)

Tender Cruncher

Beau Mahadev



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