Bryce Vine

Singer/rapper Bryce Vine was born in New York City. He spent his childhood there in a humble apartment with his single mother. Just after his tenth birthday she moved them both to Los Angeles while she was looking for work as an actress - eventually landing a lead role on the daytime drama series, Passions. Bryce found his natural talent and love of music and entertainment at a very young
age through his close relationship with her, spending time on set and helping her rehearse scenes. In Junior High, Bryce continued to develop his voice and love for music when he discovered 90's R&B when he used to visit his father. As a result, he convinced his mother to buy a guitar for him and he started developing his own sound at age thirteen.
Bryce was continuing to focus on development at an early age when disaster struck; while on vacation at age 16, he slipped and broke his neck. The experience simultaneously humbled him and inspired him; while lucky enough to experience a full recovery, he threw himself into music, which eventually resulted in a scholarship to Berklee College of Music.
It was at Berklee where Bryce met his producer and music soul mate Nolan Lambroza (The Messengers). Together, the two of them began churning out music and working towards the common goal of creating a new sound triumphed by a cutting edge new artist. ! Bryce's sound is a blend of singable radio friendly pop and laid back, in-the-cut hip-hop; A California brand of positivity mixed with the mantra, "You only live once."

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