Wizard Castle

Wizardcastle was first summoned in the winter of 2009. When the circle is gathered, they do not speak. They roast the flesh of animals, imbibe strong potions, and proceed to create the sound of the creation of the earth. They don’t know where each other live. They don’t know each other’s names. They only know the calling. It is the sound of blinding light, warriors feasting before battle, and flat black cameros. The instruments are white. The hardware is gold.

Fake Limbs

An eight-fisted rock trial in meat, wire, and maple, Fake Limbs will warm your heart and numb your face. It's a shotgun wedding of Chicago past and aching present, MC'ed by a surly orator of surprising agility and emotive gusto. Take your place among the pews, it's time to meet your new family.


Redgrave is Angie Mead (guitar, vox) and Stephen Howard (drums), a rock duo from Chicago.

Mead started writing and recording Redgrave songs in marathon stretches beginning August 2010 from her home in Chicago after furniture was moved into storage and replaced with recording equipment, drums and guitars. What started out as her scratch demos recorded through the audio of the video function from an old iPod Nano has since become a distinctive, cohesive 2-piece rock outfit.

Mead sent these demos to Chicago musician Stephen Howard (Pinebender, Ambulette) after wanting him to be her drummer for nearly years. They've been playing together as Redgrave since January, 2011.

Tim Rutili of Califone/Red Red Meat fame lends his guitar prowess to the track Gone to Wither, featured on the Redgrave debut 7″ (Lovitt Records, 9-26-11 ) with art design by David Yow, produced by Stephen Howard, recorded and mixed by Greg Norman at his studio in Chicago.

Wes Hollywood

After cutting his musical teeth in Chicago’s beloved garage-rock combo Kingsize, Wes Hollywood decided to broaden his horizons by forming the eponymous Wes Hollywood Show in 1999. Over five years and four albums, the signature Wes Hollywood sound came into focus – a muscular mix of new wave and power pop that earned the band a legion of fans and a serious reputation, culminating with the Moonraker
LP, a well-loved touchstone of the Chicago scene. But never satisfied and always looking for ways to reinvent himself, Wes formed the band tenniscourts in 2007.

Over the years, Wes has stomped on every big stage in Chicago, including The Metro, Double Door, Schuba’s, Bottom Lounge and The Hideout, to name but a few. His music has beamed from the antennae of WXRT, WLUW, WKQX (Q 101) and all of those left-of-the-dial stations that cool people listen to as well.

But now Wes has taken the best of everything he’s done, cherry-picking the best of his accompanists and ideas under his original nom de guerre Wes Hollywood. He has finally put together the perfect distillation of his delirious pop style, and the new LP Fantasy Arcade is the result.

DJ Miss Alex White

DJ Todd Novak

DJ Kevin Kujawa (Mannequin Men)

If the Replacements had met Peter Sellers on the floor of a dive bar somewhere in the Midwest, they may have drunkenly thought up the Mannequin Men.

Four punker-types with a penchant for getting wild at house parties and spending their free time in a CCR cover band. “Lose Your Illusion, Too” is the outcome of a few years steady of playing gigs and paying dues (They’ll play almost anywhere…almost!). Formed in late 2003, founding members Kevin Richard, Seth Bohn, and Ethan D’ercole (And then bassist Rick Berger) began the group as an excuse to hang out together, and write songs in their dingy practice space they wished they were hearing more of elsewhere. The band self-released their “Showbiz Witch “ LP in 2005 (A record that has been described as a Tubeway Army cover band fronted by an absolute American). They began playing all over the great city of Chicago and some scattered Midwest gigs, sharing stages with The Black Lips, The Circle Jerks, No Age, and the like, leaving a trail of spilt drinks and sweat stains behind them.



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