Batik Ethnic Jazz Ensemble Live

Lake Carmel inspires a new kind of Jazz music: BATIK

Barry Hartglass, a gifted musician (electric bass and soprano sax) and composer/producer (music for TV, film, video and internet) journeyed to the wilds of Putnam County in the year 2000 from his native home of Long Island. He has since then built a recording studio on scenic Lake Carmel in the town of Kent. Many established and highly successf...See More
"Batik amazes us with a brilliant ability to mix genres and cultures, using the past to inform the present. This new and exciting band plays music encompassing many different styles, grooves and timbres in a new way-- but as if they were already established! The band is relaxed, confident and forward looking. GREAT!!!"

Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock, Tony Bennett, Chet Baker, Vince Guaraldi, Christian McBride)

"Batik is electric Miles Davis meets Weather Report, a synergistic blend of soul and feel good music! Ray Charles alumnus, Tim Ouimette channels trumpet masters of the past into his own funky groove! 5 Stars!"

Marshall McDonald (The Count Basie Orchestra, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Lionel Hampton)

$10.00 - $30.00

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"The ensemble churns with such a smoldering groove, even when they are painting through changes. But, when it's time to kick it in...hold on. The players are awesome, melodically gifted, and their sophisticated tunes hold subtle surprises upon repeated listening. Such gives their music some legs, figuratively speaking, of course! I'd certainly take the stroll to go hear these fine musicians and composers. Hope I can keep up when they start running. Then again, I probably could use a little more exercise! " Ian Smit (Monkeyworks)

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