The Steady 45's

The Steady 45's

Traditional ska / Rocksteady band from California, USA.

Boss Riot

"Formed in Dallas,TX in 2015 around a mutual love of vintage Jamaican music. The Boss Riot sound pays tribute to their many early reggae, ska, rocksteady, and soul influences while continuing to push the creative envelope of the genres.
Boss Riot is Vicki Tovar on vocals and melodica, Jake Olsen on lead guitar and vocals, Ryan Reeves on rhythm guitar, Chris Yates on organ, Mike Burke on bass, and Rob Tovar on drums and percussion. The band stays rooted in a vintage sound and brings a modern twist that will please music lovers everywhere."

Eric Daino

Instrumentalist and vocalist, recording engineer and producer, composer and arranger.

DIY til Die, or the gaslight.

The Fullstops

Harken back to the sounds that were playing on a hot summer night in the 60’s and 70’s in Kingston, Jamaica. You would hear the thumping bottom of the bass guitar running in unison with the steps of the snare and kick drum. The groove would be accompanied by the sweet melodic bubbling of the Hammond organ, fused with natural progression of the horn section and combined the rhythmic up beat of the electric guitar.

The fast tempo was SKA, the medium tempo with harmonic singing was ROCKSTEADY and the slow hypnotic pace accompanied by percussion was REGGAE.

This is the image and the sound that The FullStops are aiming to achieve.

Nik Talley, along with being a very talented keyboard player, is a gifted songwriter who has developed songs mainly focusing on the joys and pains of being in love. His raspy voice together with the pleasing sounds of the trombone, played by Todd Rogers and the sweet sax played by Peters Voeuth, create the melody for most of the bands songs. Zach Davis picks the infectious bass lines while Ujwal Badugu lays down various Jamaican drum patterns to provide the foundation and style for the songs.

These musicians have been honing their craft for many years and have recently joined together to bring Nik’s songs to life. They have finalized the arrangements and layout for most of the songs and are targeting the release of their first album, in digital and vinyl form, in the 3rd quarter of 2017.


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