The Highly Anticipated 5th Annual Labor Day All White Affair

Jeff Floyd

Southern soul singer.
Born October 1965, in Jacksonville, FL.
His vocal style is influenced by Otis Clay and Bobby Womack.
After an early 90's self released album he was signed to William Bell's Wilbe Recording Corporation where he has released three albums in the 00's.
William Bell often co-writes songs with Jeff Floyd.


A rap group from New Orleans, Louisiana, made up of Kangol Slim (Kango Slim, born Walter Williams) and Misdemeanor (Mista Meana, born Michael Patterson), friends raised in the 17th ward of New Orleans.
Also Prime Time appears on some earlier releases.

DJ Polo

Dj - Producer


born in Nigera, Africa and moved with his familiy to South London, where he began to work with different bands for ten years. After finishing he's " business administration " - studies in at the "London School of Economics" he went to Austria 1991. In Austria he rapped for groups like the Bingoboys, Beat 4 Feet and Unique II where the biggest success was.

$10 - $ 40



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