Early Winters (Record Release / Farewell Show), Taylor John Williams, Jamie Drake

On August 11th of 2017, Early Winters will return with their third album entitled I WANT TO BREAK YOUR HEART. It is also with heavy hearts that the group announces this will be their final album as a band. The songs that comprise I WANT TO BREAK YOUR HEART reflect a mature and unified sound, and ultimately make up the band’s most engaging material to date.

Early Winters began as an informal afternoon of songwriting, and soon blossomed into a 10-year relationship as a musical unit. Based in LA and Toronto, Early Winters is comprised of acclaimed UK songwriter Carina Round (Puscifer/Tears for Fears), Juno Award-winning songwriter Justin Rutledge, Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter Dan Burns, and Zachary Rae (Death Cab for Cutie/My Brightest Diamond). Early Winters' music has also been featured in TV and film, including The Blacklist, Vampire Diaries, and The Lucky One.

Taylor John Williams

Oregon native, and NBC’s The Voice finalist Taylor John Williams may have his roots firmly grounded within the crooning singer-songwriter sphere, however it's apparent that the rising young musician is doing something “different”. What that something is doesn't become fully realized until witnessing him live. His deeply personal compositions reveal a heavy-hearted man at war with his own insecurities without ever feeling contrived or self-pitying. He seems to have a genuine (and infamously dry) sense of humor, especially about being part of the company that he calls “sad whiny white dudes with acoustic guitars”.

Williams’ voice is as strong and clear as his lyricism, which is void of overly poetic language and concepts. His first two EPs (Song Of A Dead Man, Hiraeth) have been praised for their honest storytelling, and for Williams’ truly genre-bending vocals that are at times sweet and delicate, and at others raw and unsettling. Jeff Buckley is a name that is perhaps overused as a comparison to describe impassioned singer-songwriters, yet listeners frequently express an awareness of their shared artistic substance. Williams sites the late musician as one of his largest influences.

Jamie Drake

Jamie Drake has been a familiar name in the Los Angeles songwriting scene since her debut (When I Was Yours). A songwriter for a father, and the constant moving from place to place shaped the versatility her work is characterized by. Early on, she attracted Academy award winner and folk music lover, Tim Robbins, which led to collaborating and touring. Her background in musical theater took her to New York City to star in the Off-Broadway folk musical, Lonesome Traveler. For Jamie, music is a journey of exploration. She discovered her voice through the process of working in many writing sessions, music projects and productions. She's enjoyed two additional releases (Nobel, Dear Lemon Trees) and is rounding out her second solo release (release date TBD). Her voice and music have been featured in film and TV and she is called upon regularly for writing and singing sessions across LA. She volunteers with The Art of Elysium, is a founding member of a woman's songwriting group and acts as a music mentor for students through her work with Sound Art, a non-profit after school mobil music program.

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