Crafteon (CD Release)


Crafteon was conceived by vocalist and guitarist Lord Mordiggian in 2012 in Denver, Colorado. As a teacher of literature and aficionado of horror, Lord Mordi aspired to write an album based on the works of his favorite author, H.P. Lovecraft. Naturally, black metal emerged as the most fitting style for such a powerfully dismaying mythos, and by late 2013, Lord Mordi finished writing eight songs for 'Cosmic Reawakening,' with each track focused on an individual short story. By 2015, he completed recording guitars and subsequently recruited Rhagorthua (Vacant Throne, Sceptres) as the drummer, whose tracks were recorded at Module Overload that winter. In early 2016, after many failed attempts at procuring a dedicated vocalist, Lord Mordi proceeded to record the lead vocals himself. Later that summer, Lord Mordi completed Crafteon’s lineup, enlisting the services of lead guitarist Fthaggua (ex-Winter Legends, ex-Gravity Lies) and bassist Ithaqua (Thorns of Acanthus), both of whom provide backing vocals on the album. Crafteon’s first live performances are expected to commence upon the release of their debut album on August 25th, 2017.

Filth-laden hymns of pure USBM.


Driven, empowered, and guided by the wisdom of Father Satan; COUNT ORLOK, SEPHULCHER and SAITH formed an allegiance forever to be known as Amdusias.


We are Mystic Metal and we love to destroy things! Warrior's Dawn available now!

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