ALTER EGO - Ellen Allien / Kim Ann Foxman / DJ M3 / Shane One / Alvaro Z

Ellen Allien

DJing since 1992, working in the clubs Mantra (Copenhagen), Distillery (Leipzig), E-Werk (Berlin), Tresor (Berlin), Planet (Bochum) and Fabric (London).
Founder and owner of Berlin-based label BPitch Control. Previously ran Braincandy.

Kim Ann Foxman

DJ and producer from US. Founder of Firehouse (6).

DJ M3 aka Manny is a major influence in SF's music scene. Launching the Green Gorilla Lounge DJ crew and record label in the 90s, which organized and played many of SF's most notable underground events. Manny was soul proprietor of Lower Haight's vinyl music boutique 'Black Pancakes', which led to the opening of the The Triple Crown nightclub and now his most recent collaborative project Monarch. M3 continues to rock San Francisco and looks forward to upcoming music release in early 2014, with Sleight of Hands on Smoke N' Mirrors.

Shane One

Shane One does it.

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