HELL! A Musical Comedy Film with special live performances by Roger Oddcock and Miss Erma - Private Parlor Show (($10 before/$15 day of show))

HELL! A Musical Comedy Film

Following in the grand tradition of cinematic epics like "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Gone with The Wind," except not like those movies at all, "HELL!" tells the story of a man locked in a battle for his very soul. "HELL" is a rock-and-roll musical comedy for the ages.

Roger Oddcock

What if Prince was a fat ex-con who married your mom and sat on the couch all day? What if David Bowie drank a 12 pack of Coors every day since the age of fourteen? Well, you'd only begin to peel back the layers of mystique surrounding the widely tolerated San Francisco based performer, Roger Oddcock. His middling-energy combination of original songs and comedy have left at least one audience member in hysterics since his start in 2009. Several others have sat through an entire set without requesting a refund. By most accounts, a Roger Oddcock performance is still safer than a trip to Liberia.

At the heart of Miss Erma’s music lies tension. Tension between caution and brazenness, between refined poise and raw instinct, between the playful vigor of youth and the even keel of maturity.

Miss Erma hails from the seaside town of Satellite Beach, Florida, but her career launched when she arrived in San Francisco in 2010, quickly catching eyes and ears with her precise and effortless vocal delivery. The melodic movement of her songs and distinct arrangement choices--most often chamber strings, clarinet, Erma herself on piano and guitar--reveals her two decades of classical training. Yet as comfortably as she wields that discipline, Erma emerges from those stuffy conservatory halls without any of the pretense, crafting delightful pop and folk songs that draw on influences from Presley to Dylan to Orbison. Her deep familiarity with the jazz vocal tradition is also immediately evident, inviting comparisons to such legends as Nancy Wilson and Ella Fitzgerald.

Erma deftly blends this ancestry and tradition into a confident, distinct musical voice of her own. She carries herself with a precocious self-possession reminiscent of an early Fiona Apple, if that young talent had heard and heeded Tom Robbins’ advice: “Lighten up!” Erma holds that tension, taut as a catgut string on an antique viol, growing sweeter with age. When that tone reaches your ears, it’s all you can do to marvel at the paradox of it: the sound of a heart both heavy and light at the same time.

Miss Erma has released a self-titled EP and several singles, and is currently working on her first full-length solo album, due out in 2014.

$10.00 - $15.00


$10 up to the day before and $15 day of show both online and at the door.

Private Parlor Shows are open to all friends and fans of The Lost Church and the performers.

Seating is first come, first served. We recommend you buy in advance to ensure being a part of the event (parlor shows often sell out), but you can also try purchasing at the door on the night of the show.

Online sales are active until 9:30pm the night of show (unless sold out). You can purchase tickets right at the door using a card via your phone and the above Ticketfly.com link. That old-fashioned cash is also accepted, of course.

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