Seán Barna and the Monogamists

Seán Barna and the Monogamists

Seán Barna is a singer, songwriter, and drummer based in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Employing a highly-visual lyrical panache and an atypically full-throated singing style, Barna is preparing to release Cissy, a gasping, 5-song exploration of isolation, anxiety, queerness, and mortality. Written and recorded in a marathon four-day session in upstate New York and featuring a collaboration with Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, Cissy is a measured, brutally observant deconstruction of masculinity, where the main players in the story – drag queens, mothers, queers, office workers, and wanderers – come together in the name of excess to achieve a well-worn life. Whether redefining gender norms or savoring the burn of a morning cigarette, these characters find peace on their own terms, with drugs, sex, fashion, and beautiful music.

Barna plays both drums and guitar on Cissy, but it is his rare poetic bravado and stream-of-consciousness vocal delivery – theatrical and pained but grounded and honest – that guides us, shines a light on our traumas, and invites us in for a drink.

Ghost Lit Kingdom

Ghost Lit Kingdom stands alone in their eclectic, self proclaimed genre of Anthemic Alternative Indie Pop. Exploding onto the scene with tremendous momentum from their debut release, the I Was Born EP, in July of 2015 and their Troubadour release show, Ghost Lit Kingdom is quickly making their mark on the LA music scene with energetic live performances, powerful vocals, stunning musicianship and songwriting of incomparable depth in today's pop music.

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