The Zeros

The 70s, California and punk, these are the main ingredients to The Zeros. Coming together in 1976, the Zeros began their odyssey to what would make them American punk rock icons. From playing with The Germs and The Weirdos at the Orpheum Theater, being shut down mid set by the police at Elks Hall and releasing famous singles like “Beat Your Heart Out” and “Girl on the Block”, the Zeros established their signature and punk spirit known from northern to southern California. Over the years the Zeros have reunited on various tours throughout North America and have released new albums and singles that keep us rocking out to their music.

The American band, Sunflower Bean, brings all that is wild and free in indie rock. As Jon Pareles of The New York Times explains, “Sunflower suggests what might have happened if psychedelia had emerged after punk and the Police rather than before.” Staying true to classic American rock with hints of punk and indie, their sound has been demanded all over the world. Getting their break in 2014 at CMJ festival, Sunflower Bean went on to tour in the United States and the United Kingdom. In February 2016 they released their latest album Human Ceremony. Most recently they were the featured performers for the 10th Anniversary of Record Store Day in Brooklyn, NY, headlined at the Manifest music festival and are touring with The Pixies this summer.

Beijing based post-punkers, Re-TROS, or Rebuilding the Rights of Statues, are using their music to revive the sounds of the post-punk era, this time in a Chinese context. The male trio’s style is a combination of minimalistic play, catchy melodies and synthesizers. Sonic influences in their work come from the 80s post-punk ancestors like Bauhaus, Joy Division and Gang of Four. In 2012 they played SXSW and they have recently released a teaser track, “8 + 2 + 8 II”, from their unreleased debut UK album, Before the Applause, which will come out later this year. Signed with Modern Sky Records, Re-TROS are paving the way for the next iteration of post punk.

Psychedelic rock meets sixties girls group harmonies, these are the sounds that let you know Habibi is here to stay. The all female band bridges the worlds of grunge, Motown, rock and hip-hop. Hailing from the Brooklyn DIY indie music scene, Habibi’s addictive grunge pop sound has caught the attention of many, leading them play festivals like SXSW, CMJ and most recently on the runway of fashion brand, Coach. Signed to Burger Records in 2014, Habibi has since released their debut full length LP Habibi.

Nobody like Nobunny, the garage punk musician with a shot of pop. Performing since 2001, Nobunny has released a string of well received LPs, albums and singles under record labels like 1-2-3-4 Go!,Burger and Goner Records. Whether you hear their music on cassette, vinyl or in person, Nobunny keeps it real and raw, all while in his signature bunny mask and various states of dress and undress.

Daddy Long Legs

Blues – that is Daddy Long Legs; a trio that hails true to rock ‘n’ roll’s roots with innovation that makes them anything but antique. Originally from Missouri, the unnamed lead harmonica player brought on guitarist Murat Akturk and percussionist Josh Styles to solidify this rocking blues band. Signed to Norton Records, Daddy Long Legs won’t let you sit still with head banging and raw bellows, get ready to be taken over.

Brian Hill & The Noh Starrs

Brian Hill is testing the boundaries of what has come to be known as “rock” music. Drawing inspiration from the downtown/experimental scene of NYC, as well as the worlds of glam, drone, no-wave, rock and roll, punk, and krautrock, he manipulates the craft of songwriting to create something familiar yet undefinable. His lyrics are fluid, defined by his experience of this world (as well as what is beyond it) and informed by his examination of it. Hill's process is heavily influenced by contemporary visual art (work is often influenced by artists, both friends and non-musical collaborators) and indebted by a deep love of the stage.

The Noh Starrs present an innovative approach to conventional rock and roll in both recording and live shows. The band consists of close friends and collaborators Robbie Wood, Joo Joo Ashworth (Froth), Jeffrey Fribourg, Laena Geronimo (Feels), Tomas Dolas (Mr. Elevator), and more as the band is constantly evolving—changing members and instruments with every show.

Brooklyn based band, Surfbort, let’s you know what’s on their mind in all ways punk, from their riveting shows to their straightforward lyrics. Since releasing their debut single ‘Trash’ in 2015, Surfbort has stayed punk, with sincere rawness, humorous realness and body thrashing fun. Opening for Black Lips and playing at Coachella, Surfbort covers all stages and will be playing from their latest self titled EP released at the beginning of 2016.

With vocals and lyricism that’ll make you quake, Mattiel is turning heads. Originally from Georgia, Mattiel has played with the likes of Juan Wauters and Black Linen. In the last year she released a new song and video, “Count Your Blessings”, accompanied by a full band and back up vocals, perfecting her retro soul vibe. The designer, lyricist and vocalist is playing all the cards and it’s just what we’ve needed.

Cotillon is the musical pseudonym of Jordan Corso, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist whose music is a low-key but appealing fusion of indie rock, psychedelia, surf guitar, and pop from various eras, all filtered through Corso's oblique but engaging lyrical sensibilities. The Cotillon story begins when Corso was living in Los Angeles and working an unrewarding office job; Corso had been playing guitar since he was a child, and he started working on songs during his lunch breaks to relieve the monotony. A busted romance gave Corso plenty to write about, and eventually he opted to form a band to perform his new material. Teaming with friend and guitarist Zachary Miller and the rhythm section of Christopher Norman and Michael Madeiros, Corso named the new trio Cotillon, and the group released its first EP, Votive Flower, in the fall of 2012. The EP received enthusiastic reviews from the West Coast indie press, and a second EP, White Roses, appeared in the spring of 2013. Chet "JR" White of the indie pop act Girls was bowled over by the first two EPs from Cotillon, and offered to produce an album for the group. The band booked time at EastWest Studios (formerly Western Recorders, where the Beach Boys cut Pet Sounds), and Corso later traveled to San Francisco to do overdubs and mixing with White at his home studio.

Corso fell in love with San Francisco and relocated to the Bay Area, with a rotating cast of musicians eventually replacing the original Cotillon lineup. Corso struck a deal with California indie label Burger Records, and Cotillon's self-titled full-length debut album was issued in January 2015.

Sometime after the album's release, Corso moved with his girlfriend to N.Y.C., where he began writing songs for a second album. Working with co-producers Al Carlson (St. Vincent, Wild Nothing) and Quilt's Shane Butler, Corso went for a more stripped-down sound on The Afternoons, which was released by Burger and Modern Sky in Spring 2017. Following the release the band toured throughout Asia including performances at Sound Xity Beijing, Shanghai Strawberry Festival, and Tokyo's Shimokitazawa 3.

Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs

The 'B' Girls

The 'B' Girls are a Canadian all girl rock'n roll band that formed in 1976 and recorded on Bomp Records. They moved to NYC in 1977 and toured w the Clash.



Burger Records teams up with Modern Sky USA for round two of the Burger Records Beach Bash NYC off the Coney Island boardwalk! Hosted by MC Randy Jones, the original Cowboy and a founding member of Village People, this year's lineup features California punk legends The Zeros, Sunflower Bean, seminal Chinese post-punk band Re-TROS, Habibi, The 'B' Girls (their 40th Anniversary Show!), Nobunny, Daddy Long Legs, Cotillon, Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs, Brian Hill & The Noh Starrs, Surfbort, Mattiel, very special guest DJ Jonathan Toubin and his NY Night Train Dance Party, DJ sets from Sean and Lee Burger and more to be announced! Plus great food, drinks and the beach!!

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