Vera's Super Sweet 16!

Vera's Super Sweet 16!

Bobby's Oar

Greg Hughes, and friends helping along the way
I write songs. Sometimes I'll play them acoustic, sometimes I'll play them with peeps. I'm just trying to have some fun playing tunes.

Casual Hex

Emma Lee Toyoda

semi-nocturnal sadgirlrock


Hardcore rap sound from Tacoma, WA that hits like a metal band.

Girl Teeth

Hoop (Caitlin solo)

Seattle band, Hoop. We play pop music inspired by Eric's Trip, MBV, The Breeders, and more.

Hoop's members are Leena Joshi, Pamela Santiago, and Caitlin Roberts.


Shane Diamanti

18 year old hip hop artist who likes kicking and eating pizza and bumping real music

Sundae Crush

Taylar Elizza Beth

"one of Pacific Northwest's premier rock and roll bands" - Versing

YURT is a groovy little band from Bozeman, Montana. None of us are originally from Montana, and we didn't form inside of a yurt.

Last winter we launched out to Chicago in Olivia's Subaru (also known as the Red Rocket), and recorded our EP "I'm Gonna YURT" at Treehouse Records.

We are touring down both the west and east coast this summer. Come roller-blade and talk about yurts with us.


$5.00 - $20.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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