Future Punx, Eaters, Heaven's Gate, Bodega, PC Worship (solo), A. Savage

Future Punx

Why don't you do yourself a favor and get this through your moldy rind ASAP: Future Punx are punk. Punker than the Tragedy tattoo you got in 2006 and try to forget about. Punker than your "transgressive" Soundcloud­noise­wankery and the fascist imagery you childishly borrowed for the logo. Punker than your dangly earring and your stupid switchblade that you will literally never use, and yes dear reader, punker than YOU.


Heaven's Gate

Formed from the ashes of the sludgy dream-pop act Sweet Bulbs, Heaven's Gate make noise that borders on post-punk, shoegaze, and Danzig. Yeah, that's right, Danzig."




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