HOCO Fest Day Five: Lee Fields & The Expressions

Elmer "Lee" Fields is an American soul artist born in 1951 in North Carolina.

Project Pablo (Patrick Holland), is a DJ and Musician residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 2015 saw Holland's debut full length release I Want to Believe and his inaugural European Journey. Inspired by the depths of dollar bins and adult contemporary, his records cover a wide spectrum of energy and dance music sub genres. Outside of solo endeavours, Holland co-pilots ASL Singles Club and SOBO, releasing collaborative efforts and music from friends. 2017 sees the Canadian musician travelling extensively through Australia, Mexico, USA, and Europe.

Sacred Serenader
Pulpit Portal
Angular Amoeba
Clerical Coteries
Excalibur Esquire

Paradox Princess
Ruinous Reveries
Indiglow Icicle
Elliptical Eulogies
Sordid Sovereign
Terrestrial Totems
Esoteric Enclaves
Spherical Spires
Sumptuous Savage

$15.00 - $20.00


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