La Vida Bohème

La Vida Bohème is an alternative independent band from Caracas, Venezuela, formed by Rafael Perez, Daniel De Sousa, Sebastian Ayala, and Henry D'Arthenay in late 2006 and mid-2007. The band takes influence from late '80s punk, disco, funk, electronic music, jazz, salsa, reggae and dance music.

Elia is Ignacio Izquierdo. Seattle based singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Quito, Ecuador.

Son of a diplomat. Izquierdo lived many years abroad. His passion for aviation and history inspired him to use the name of the Italian pioneer aviator Elia Liut, who was the first to fly over Ecuadorian territory.

He has been a member of several indie music projects, such as Turnover (Rome, Italy), Botelia (Quito, Ecuador) and Motozen (Quito, Ecuador). In 2011, he sang for a Sony TV commercial that aired throughout the world. He has recorded two EP's in english and his latest album "Sentir EP" (2014) was recorded with drummer Michael Lerner from Telekinesis and producer Steven Aguilar (The Head and The Heart, Dave Matthews Band, Moby).

In September 2016, Izquierdo released his first LP titled "Futuro Humano" which was co-produced by musicians/producers: Diego Recalde (We and The Machines) and Enrique Vela (UNO).

Los Gold Fires

With a love of surfer rock, spaghetti western films and rock and roll, Los Gold Fires creates what they call 'Mid-Western.The band organizes their shows with community in mind. Hosting them in venues centered around the local art scene in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Featuring painters, photographers and performing artists, Los Gold Fires consists of Edgar Elio Diaz (vocals), Siul Esoj Reynoso (guitar), Mark Rendon (guitar), Cristobal David Mora (drums) and Alex Sanchez (bass). United mid 2015, drawn together by their shared love of bands like: The Doors, The Strokes, The Growlers, and The Arctic Monkeys.

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