POLARTROPICA makes crystal-cool, dreamy, orchestral electro/synth pop that will tickle your ears and imagination. The debut EP Astrodreams is set to be released on Lolipop Records (cass) on March 29, 2016! Intertwined within the "swirly burst of dreamy reverie" (Free Bike Valet) are themes of isolation, injustice, heartbreak, and corruption - all set under the glittery futuristic synths and classical string arrangements.

Combining her love for classical, pop and indie rock music, Ihui Wu (keyboardist for Sanglorians, Simone White, Ghostel) holed up in her tiny cottage in Highland Park and wrote the songs together with fellow music lover and friend Roman Salas. The songs were recorded with Silverlake-based producer C.M. Rodriguez over one of the hottest summers in California. With the help of many talented musicians, including Morgan Paros on violin, Joe Santa Maria on saxophone and Lauren Elizabeth Baba on viola/violin, the vision for Astrodreams came to life!! Come away to a distant land where macarons grow on trees, fuzzy baby flamingos nap in the warm sunshine and glitter clouds line the sky!

Inspired by sparkling mineral water, Totoro, Quentin Tarantino, James Bond and Aaliyah, POLARTROPICA is Ihui (eeway) Wu, Graham Chapman, Andrew Lessman and Alexander Noice and super secret special guests!!!

L.A. Girlfriend

Raised on a diet of New Order, Iron Maiden, and the movements of the 80s, Sydney Banta combines electronic and analog elements to create the powerhouse that is L.A. Girlfriend. With simple bass lines, meaty synth sounds, and drum beats as complex as her subject matter, Banta tells stories of heartbreak and redemption while hitting on all the relatable pains and pleasures in the process. Razor-sharp, yet charmingly sweet, L.A. Girlfriend proves that beauty can bite in all the best ways possible.

The Broken Hearts

Wyatt Blair, Louis Filliger & Bucky Whitman



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