Puddle Of Mudd

Group from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Current (2005) Line-up:
Wesley Reid Scantlin: Vocals, Guitar 1993-Present
Douglas John Ardito: Bass, Backing Vocals 1998-Present
Christian Stone: Lead Guitar 2005-Present
Ryan Yerdon: Drums 2005-Present

Former Members:
Paul Phillips: Guitar 1998-2005
Greg Upchurch: Drums 2000-2005
Jimmy Allen: Guitar 1993-1998
Kenny Burkett: Drums 1993-1998
Sean Samon: Bass 1993-1998

$25.00 - $50.00

Off Sale

Standing room only. Uber or Lift recommended. No filming of the show. Event manager has right to expel persons disturbing event or overly intoxicated.

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