UHF Screening - “Weird Al” Yankovic Live and In-Person - Post-Screening Q&A!

"Weird Al" Yankovic

“Weird Al” Yankovic will appear live and in-person for a screening of his cult classic 1989 film UHF on September 16th at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI. Al will do a post-screening Q&A with fans. VIP ticket holders will have an opportunity to meet Al after the event, take a photo, and receive an autographed poster commemorating the event.

UHF is the film debut of rock comedy satirist and icon “Weird Al” Yankovic, who also co-wrote the screenplay. George Newman (Yankovic) and his friend Bob are fired from their jobs at Burger World. So George decides to take over Channel 62, a failing local TV station that his Uncle Harvey won in a poker game. George turns it around into an overnight success after letting the janitor, Stanley Spadowski (Michael Richards from Seinfeld), host a kid's show. George then fills the broadcast day with bizarre programming, bringing the ratings up and saving the station. Soon, rival station CEO R.J. Fletcher (Kevin McCarthy) of Channel 8 threatens to sabotage the successful station, and George must come up with a way to save it.

$40.00 - $85.00


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