Born in Los Angeles, Regan Farquhar was introduced to hip hop at an early age, his father Ralph Farquhar being the screenwriter for the 1985 film Krush Groove. He began rapping at age 9. By 13, he was part of the group 4/29, which was inspired by the 1992 Los Angeles riots. At 16, he joined the Project Blowed scene.
Busdriver's solo album, Temporary Forever, was released in 2002, followed by Cosmic Cleavage on Big Dada in 2004.

Busdriver released RoadKillOvercoat on Epitaph Records in 2007 plus another solo album, Jhelli Beam, was released on ANTI- in 2009.

Busdriver released a free mixtape Computer Cooties in 2010 and started a band Physical Forms with Jeff Byron, who is a former member of The Mae Shi, in the same year.

Physical Forms released a split 7-inch single, Hoofdriver, with Deerhoof on Polyvinyl Records.
Another of Busdriver's projects is Flash Bang Grenada, a collaboration with the rapper Nocando. The duo released the debut album, 10 Haters, on Hellfyre Club in 2011.

Busdriver's solo album, Beaus$Eros, was released on Fake Four Inc. in 2012 too much critical acclaim and followed it up with the free EP, Arguments with Dreams, later that year.

In 2014, he released Perfect Hair on Big Dada, and toured the album with Clipping and Milo, selling out shows all over the US.

In 2015 Thumbs was released digitally on Busdriver's independent label, Temporary Whatever that included Guest collaborations with Del the Funky Homosapien, milo and Anderson .Paak.

The production is from a wide array of producers, such as Kaveh Rastegar, Mono/Poly and Busdriver himself.

He has collaborated with rappers such as Myka 9, Nocando, 2Mex and Ellay Khule and has primarily been produced by Daedelus, Boom Bip, Daddy Kev, Loden, Paris Zax, Omid and Nobody. He has also worked with D-Styles on two albums. Driver has also done collaborations with Modeselektor, Son Lux, Latyrx, Kool AD, Lapalux, Sonnymoon, P.O.S, and others on various albums.

Most recently, Bus co starred in the Brainfeeder/Flying Lotus film KUSO which premiered at Sundance this year and was deemed one of the most shocking films ever shown at the festival after portions of audience members walked out early into the films screening, proclaiming it to be 'disgusting'.

Busdriver continues to compile music for multiple upcoming releases while running his imprint Temporary Whatever and recording live episodes of his award winning podcast Free Black Press Radio on a frequent basis.

Lodged in darker corners of the Los Angeles music and art scene lies one of the the most versatile creatives to grace planet. The serial collaborator with artists: Jonwayne, Low Leaf, MNDSGN, and Ras G prefers anonymity, only coming up for air to spill his guts in a fury of technical and melodic 6th sensibility. After a 2 year cultivation period starting in 2014 zeroh has reemerged with a slew of free releases in the form of a series called 0 EMISSIONS.

10th Letter is a South Carolina-born and now Atlanta-based producer and multi-instrumentalist.

John.Ave (formerly known by the moniker "Alby") is an MC/Producer that prides himself in being...well...average. Born in Portland Oregon, John has lived in multiple cities including: Houston and Dallas Texas, Tampa Bay Florida, and Snellville Georgia; the latter being the where he chooses to rep. Ave's music has been praised for it's honesty, relatability, and ability to bombard the listener with complex lyricism and a bold sense of humor, without sounding pretentious or rapping about rapping...

Before deciding to change his stage name mid 2012, John released 2 mixtapes under the name "Alby". "Shades of Black" in 2010 and "Rookie of Tomorrow" in 2011. Neither of the CD's managed to gain Ave the momentum he had expected. Disgruntled, John chose to take a break from music in late 2011 to focus on school and evaluate what was impeding his success. Studying the techniques of familiar artist he found his influences in acts such as (Blu, MF DOOM, Binary Star, CYNE, OutKast, UGK, Flying Lotus, The Roots, Black Hippy, Jay Electronica, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, The Soul Providers, Wiz Khalifa, Madlib, and Kanye West.)

Incorporating the influences mentioned into a his own unique style John returned to the scene in early 2012 with the song "Schidaddle" (Produced by the well known EOM), a short track showcasing Ave's newfound rhyming abilities. Cited for it's humbling honesty and Ave's effortless delivery, the track proved John may actually be able to live up to the potential many of his peers (friend and artist alike) see in him. John continued to follow up on the success of "Schidaddle" with tracks such as "Yancesterday" and "Concept ft. w.or.d", both of which managed to follow in the path of "Schidaddle"'s success.

John.Ave is currently working on his debut EP entitled "thankyou", a project he promises will be full of the working man's lyricism and brutal honesty he has become not-so well known for. John's mission to bring the crown back to the South probably won't be televised, so you'll just have to follow his progress on Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud, or Facebook. The "Ave" may stand for Average, but John is well on his way in proving he's far from it.

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