Just Enough Hip To Be Woman is a bold step forward for BRONCHO. Though it certainly bears the hallmarks of their previous work — fuzzy, guitar-driven rock – the production and energy of the record moves into decidedly sleeker and decidedly more new wave directions (think Cheap Trick meets the Drive soundtrack meets every great song from Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets the greatest after-hours party you've never been to). Tracks like "Stay Loose," "NC-17" and "What" are the kind of pop-rock that could have easily been beamed in from the same universe that gave rise to The Cars (or a looser version of The Strokes), while the album's first single, "Class Historian" — with its unstoppable "do do do do" vocal refrain is the kind of song that seems scientifically engineered to stick in your brain forever and is arguably best played loudly over a car stereo with the windows down and your long hair blowing in the breeze. Clocking in at just more than 30 minutes, the eleven tracks on the new record are a potent statement of intent: an effortless sounding rock record that dips its toe into a variety of different styles without ever succumbing to any of them.

Terminal A

Terminal A is an Industrial/Synth Punk duo formed in late 2012 by vocalist Colin Peterson and guitarist Lee Busch. The group consists of vocals and heavily processed guitar played live over programmed backtracks. The music is a blend of wide-ranging influences, including early Minimal Wave and Electronic groups, as well as early L.A. Punk and Hardcore, and well as modernist aesthetic movements.

Nuns music is beautiful, swirling power. It's getting lost—on purpose—in a thick haze of buzzing, chiming, drifting guitars, then following a distant voice to find your way home. It's memories drowned in reverb…loss and renewal pressed into vinyl grooves. Songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Hank Hanewinkel III is the heart and soul of Nuns. His 10-song debut, Opportunities, is equal parts surrealist dreamscape, break-up conversation (overhead from a distant room) and pure electric catharsis…shaken together, turned up to 11.

Mike Dee

The Bourgeois

The Bourgeois (pronounced boo-zwah) are an alternative rock band from Tulsa, OK comprised of Zach Mobley (guitar/vocals), Vance Young(bass) and Ty Clark (drums). Musically, the band draws inspiration from a wide variety of artists; the sonic rush of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, the disenfranchised melodicism of indie rock stalwarts like The Smiths and Violent Femmes, and a dash of aural post-punk weirdness, a la The Talking Heads and Pixies, are all keys to the band's signature sound. The band prides themselves on their ability to channel their influences without sounding antiquated or derivative. The Bourgeois have steadily built a regional following through their energetic live performances. A Vine-inspired music video for the song "Be Your Own Machine" was voted by fans as Best Music Video at the 2013 Absolute Best of Tulsa Awards. The Bourgeois released We're Still In The Gutter, But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars in 2014 and are, currently, seeking release options for their follow up LP. "With an absolutely smashing rock sound, The Bourgeois are becoming one of the best hidden treasures of alternative rock from the United States." – Jamendo "A self-realized unit with a unique vision." – Tulsa People "The Bourgeois has become a Kings favorite. This alt rock band falls between Cage The Elephant and Social Distortion." - Kings of A&R



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1:00am - 1:45am — BRONCHO 
12:00am - 12:45am — ADULT. 
11:15pm - 11:45pm — TERMINAL A
10:30pm - 11:00pm — LCG & THE X 
9:45pm - 10:15pm — NUNS
9:00pm - 9:30pm — MIKE DEE 
8:15pm - 8:45pm — THE BOURGEOIS

7:30pm - 8:00pm - THE GOLDEN ONES

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