The Attack

Classic, face-smashing, broken bottle punk is all but lost on the Pitchfork-worshipping, women's jeans-wearing masses whose idea of youth rebellion is going to see American Idiot on Broadway. Well, with that being said, allow yourself to feel the old school fury of the Attack. Formed by Charlie Bender, one-time frontman for the Orlando, Florida-based ska band the Spitvalves, and his partner in the acclaimed screen printing company Enemy Ink, Brad Palkevich, on guitar alongside bassist Mikey Cortes and drummer Tito Esquiaqui, this quartet delivers the kind of vintage melodic hardcore that will take true punkers right back to the days of CBGB's Sunday matinees on Of Nostalgia and Rebellion, a self-released call-to-arms featuring 12 tracks loaded with punishing breakdowns, gang-style singalongs, and riffs as crushing as a curb sandwich. Fans of the Cro-Mags, Lifetime, and Agnostic Front will certainly relish in the rage of such key tracks as "Prove It", "Matters", and an incendiary cover of CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" that just might prove John Fogerty had roots in punk rock after all.

No Risk

These Jersey Boys know how to add the Punk to Rock. This CD is lyricaly a very well thought out and has well rounded reflection of the Punk scene. It includes political statements towards the government, the punk "scene", religion, and everyday life. No Risk is one of those bands that doesn't fit a particular sub-genre of punk, they are just a Punk Band. On "The Great Demise" each songs seems to have a slightly different sound. The quality of the CD's sound is excellent and hard to believe it is a DIY production. PunkRockReview.org- Band Review

The Hellstroms



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