Chickfactor 2012: For the Love of Pop! Los Angeles! with Lilys, Stevie Jackson (from Belle & Sebastian)


Early Slumberland recording artist and crazy talented recording artist Kurt Heasley will be making a rare West Coast appearance.

Stevie Jackson (from Belle & Sebastian)

All the way from Glasgow, Scotland, the excellent guitarist-singer in Belle & Sebastian, the one who wrote a tune called “chickfactor,” natch. Mr Jackson has a new solo release titled “(I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson”

The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group

Minneapolis pop god Jim Ruiz brings his band of icy blond ladies to the California for a rare show, new album due out this fall.

Kim Baxter

Kim was in the excellent Portland OR girlpop band All Girl Summer Fun Band; she has a new album out called The Tale of Me and You.

$20.00 - $25.00


Chickfactor Fanzine continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary year with a series of concerts across the US and UK. Chickfactor was started in 1992 by Gail O'Hara and Pam Berry and was printed on paper for 10 years. These events are a celebration of pop music and the community around Chickfactor. There is a new paper issue out this fall.

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