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LUCE - Acoustic

The band Luce began in 2002 when a young house painter named Tom Luce decided he would pursue a life long dream of writing and recording his very first CD. What he never imagined what that this CD, featuring the song Good Day, would begin a career that would take his band and him on thirty-three national tours, earn a Bammy for best debut album, end up in two major motion pictures and several television shows, and receive airplay on almost every Triple A radio station and Hot AC stations across the country. Tom Luce decided it was time to put down his paintbrush.

Since that beginning LUCE has been touring constantly and has put out three full-length CD's, an acoustic EP, and are currently finishing up their most recent CD, Fall to Fly, due out later this year. "This business forces you to keep reinventing yourself," says Tom, "there is always a feeling like something creatively great is just around the corner". And as far as painting houses goes, "I miss that sometimes" he says. "But I guess I've really just switched from paint brushes to guitars". To learn more about the colorful world of LUCE visit the band's website at


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Proceeds from the concert support breast cancer prevention and the San Francisco-based Breast Cancer Prevention Partners - Thank you for your support!

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