Rosi Golan

Rosi Golan

Rosi Golan found tremendous success early on in her career. Her first two albums, 2008’s The Drifter and the Gypsy and 2011’s Lead Balloon (featuring a special appearance by Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol), and her 2013 EP, Fortuna, were widely tapped for television shows and films, among them, “One Tree Hill,” “Private Practice,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Nashville,” “Vampire Diaries,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Dear John,” and “Drop Dead Divas.” Her song “Can’t Go Back” was covered by Little Big Town for their platinum-selling album Tornado, while Eurovision winner Lena recorded Rosi’s song “Bee” for her platinum album My Cassette Player.

Her success doesn’t stop there. Rosi garnered a nomination for the prestigious Ivor Novello award for co-writing the song “Let Me Out” (Ben’s Brother), has won numerous kudos from such prestigious publications as Interview, Paste, Us Weekly, and Marie Claire, received an Indie Spotlight Artist feature on iTunes, and even found her music used in a popular worldwide ad campaign for Pantene. Those triumphs led to performances at Madison Square Garden and “Live on Letterman” alongside Snow Patrol, and an extensive series of tours in the United States and abroad with the likes of William Fitzsimmons, Todd Snider, Mindy Smith, Greg Laswell, Joshua Radin, and Carina Round, among others.

Rosi has, however, never been content to rest on her laurels or simply settle for the tried and true. She’s turned her life into an adventure, changing the places she calls home in a quest to experience the richness and variety of all that life has to offer. Not surprisingly then, her upcoming album Collecting Bullets (due June 2017) sums up the changes she’s undergone in recent years, the result of travel, new experiences and gaining a fresh perspective. The title, she says, is meant to be taken literally. It reflects the fact that she’s slowly been collecting powerful songs, having emerged from a period when the music wasn’t flowing and her musical efforts weren’t yielding the results she had wished for.

“I didn’t feel like I was connecting with what I was writing,” Rosi says in retrospect. “So I decided I needed to take a break, go on hiatus and accept the fact that the world wouldn’t end if I didn’t make music for a year. I took off for Paris, met some fantastic new people, and allowed myself to become fully immersed in the culture, the romance and the impetus it offered. Ultimately I emerged refreshed and reawakened.” Rosi then assembled a remarkable cast of co-writers including Greg Laswell, Madi Diaz, Richard Harris, and the album’s producer, Kevin Seaton (Snoop Lion, Active Child, Shy Girls), to help tell her latest stories.

Ever the restless spirit, Rosi then moved from New York to Los Angeles, where she recorded Collecting Bullets. Producer Kevin Seaton assisted the beloved artist with her metamorphosis by guiding her in a new direction sonically as well. “My previous albums were a lot darker,” she recalls. “Prior to recording my first album, The Drifter and the Gypsy, I lost my dad. New York was also getting too intense and it was burning me out. My songs had become so reflective that I needed a break from my own story. When I moved to L.A. I returned to pop music, which has always been my first love. I wasn’t writing happy songs, mind you; I still have a dark side to my approach. But the new songs do somehow feel lighter. Kevin and I found tones and textures that bring something new to the music.”

With a new album, new songs, and a fresh perspective, Rosi Golan couldn’t be happier to reconnect with her fans and share her reawakened self. “I’m inspired to do whatever I want at this point in my career,” she declares. “I’ve learned to live my life with a newfound urgency and intensity. I’m re-inspired and hope that it shows.”

Matt Sucich is not some kind of savant. He didn’t write a song worth sharing until he was 30 years old (though that didn’t stop him from doing so in his 20’s.) He hasn’t changed his “hard to pronounce” last name or erased his catalogue to try and convince you that his latest work is some wildly impressive “debut.” Some artists will shroud themselves in mystery, but Matt is liable to tell you too much as long as you ask.

“Matt Sucich writes songs with a pen and sings them with his face. His last name is pronounced Sue-Sitch.” - opening line from previous bio

Matt grew up in Queens, NY, and he recently stopped telling people after seeing Jerry Seinfeld tell a guest on his hit web-series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” that “no one cares where you’re from,” and he agreed. Matt was brought up in a well-adjusted household, with a family that never gave him a reason to run, gave him room to figure things out, and supported (most of) his ambitions. This might explain why it took so long to write something worth a damn.

Matt Sucich has appeared at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN (2012), Electric Lady's Heartbreaker Banquet on Willie Nelson's Luck, TX ranch (2015), Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE. (2013), Newport Folk in Newport, RI (2015 & 2016), and The Midnight Ramble in Woodstock, NY(2009) as well as many other extraordinary stages. Isn’t that impressive?

Matt Sucich has supported & shared the stage with headline acts including, but not limited to, Levon Helm, Adam Duritz & Counting Crows, Lucius, Rachael Yamagata, The Lone Bellow, Lake Street Dive, Hunter Hayes, Daughtry (yes, Daughtry) and Lewis Watson. How about now? Impressed?

Matt doesn't complain about music streaming services so please, by all means, stream his music guilt free. For starters you can listen to his latest single “Fire On Bowery / After The Fire”

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