Amazing Bill

Amazing Bill

Amazing Bill is the project of multi-instrumentalist Will Lederer, who is best known in Baltimore as the guitarist for Bosley. In January 2017, Will released Glitzy Golden, his debut solo effort. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists and genres, Glitzy Golden is an ambitious pop album that channels the dance grooves of Chic and Prince at one moment, and the melancholy synthesizers of Tame Impala at the next. The music is performed live by Will and his incredible five-piece band, who bring unstoppable energy and passion to every show.


Petunia started as one lonely pinball player getting a lot of practice playing by himself, but ached for the thrill of a multi-player game. Along came two brothers, whose talents on the flippers (and their instruments) were undeniable. Together, the new three piece team is striving to bring the best pinball rock in the land. So far they have been just short of successful in that pursuit.

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