The Choir in Concert with Special Guests!

Victoria’s The Choir is a non-auditioned, community choir that sings all-original arrangements of pop, folk and indie music. What started as a small project based out of Larsen Music in early 2013 turned big in no time: 100 great people who love to sing their hearts out! The Choir has had a string of very fun and successful concerts, and performances at Rifflandia 2014 through 2106, and the 2015 Campbell Bay Music Festival. They've taken the stage with Hank Pine, Adam Cohen, Kathryn Calder, Pharis and Jason Romero, Choir!Choir!Choir!, Aidan Knight and more. The Choir is directed by Marc Jenkins and accompanied by Danuel Tate.

The Choir was started by first director Anne Schaefer, who after a year of direction left to travel the world. She has since returned to Victoria and started The Collective.

The Choir sings songs by David Bowie, Tragically Hip, Depeche Mode, They Might Be Giants, Radiohead, Talking Heads, and more!

Not unlike the poisonous yet medicinal herbaceous perennial of its shared name, Victoria BC’s Fox Glove blooms a wealth of complex chemistry and mysterious musical beauty. Through intricate harmony, three singers push and pull on the strings of the heart, weaving dark and light powers upon their listeners. Fox Glove is a band with a knack for captivating audiences with charm and pushing back with tension, all while instilling musical prowess throughout their performance. Renn Madeleine Bibeau, Claire Butterfield, and Chelsea Kanstrup have widely diverse voices and ranges, but together they create a unified blend that has been compared to that of bands such as the Staves.

Fox Glove focuses on evolution. Constantly looking to grow, strengthen, and expand, the style of this trio has matured with time and is constantly settling further into the sphere of darker folk pop. It is here that these three women are able to explore the heavier moments in life through words, all while building on their vocabulary of harmony. They seek to move the soul in their performance, and it is becoming known that a Fox Glove show wouldn’t be a Fox Glove show without a tear shed and a laugh enjoyed.

Fox Glove has two EPs under their belt, both released within the last two years, and produced respectively by Jason Cook and Sam Weber. They regularly perform as a trio, but reveal a quartet of merry men at bigger events to build their sound as they delve into a darker, more eclectic realm. Highlights from Fox Glove’s life include multiple sold out shows in Victoria, as well as appearances at Rifflandia, Song and Surf, and Tall Tree Music Festivals. They have become known as “CBC Darlings”, acting as the live house band in studio for a major fundraising event in 2014, and being played on Radio 1 often more than once a week. Known for their vocal proficiency, they have collaborated on a number of musical projects with artists such as Jesse Roper, Bocce Avocado and Astrocolour. 2016 was busy, with several sold out performances including shows at Alix Goolden Hall and Sugar Nightclub, festival appearances as Rock the Shores and Rifflandia, and a Western Canadian tour with Sam Weber. Coming up: the release of a single, a tour documentary, and some big plans for the winter and spring including a tour across the country.

Marin Patenaude

Marin was raised in a house full of music and siblings in the small northern town of Horsefly, British Columbia. Much like the von Trapps, Marin and her sisters sang three-part harmony with their father and spent a large portion of their childhood touring festivals as the Patenaude Family. She spent many years bending her will under a whip-cracking opera trainer, resulting in many tears and three consecutive years with the highest-ranking Royal Conservatory exam scores in British Columbia. A voice like an angel with a soul too gritty for the classical world, she picked up a guitar and turned to writing as a source of counsel during the grey Vancouver winters, dabbling with songs about politics and environmental issues but with age has matured an unparalleled truth and honesty in writing about love. Sometimes we want to say something and don’t know how. Marin can sing it.
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Steph MacPherson

Making music since she started making noise, Steph Macpherson's passion for music and love of lexicons allow her to invite you into a world of clever yet relatable imagery using her hauntingly beautiful vocals and a tone which is only her own.

Some have described her as a splice of Stevie Nicks, Sarah Harmer and Jeff Tweedy rolled into one musical entity, with a touch of Dolly Parton-esque vibrato, and Feist-like charm.

$5.00 - $15.00


Hello Strangers Productions Presents: The Choir in Concert with Special Guests!


The Choir is itching to perform their new and thrilling repertoire including Heart, Feist, Stars, Wilco, Kinks and more! And they're even more excited to welcome Fox Glove, Marin Patenaude, and Steph MacPherson as special guests. The Mini-Choir opens the show.

Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Need2, a Victoria-based Suicide Prevention and Support organization.

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